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Buckshot - Reference Longhorn Bulls


DOB: 01/03/1987
Buckshot one of the first of my herdsires that started our success. 15/16 brother to Jet Jockey, he is the sire to Indian Girl 636 who sired Boomerang C P. From great bulls come great cows.

Overlord C P - Reference Longhorn Bulls

Overlord C P

DOB: 03/29/1996
Overlord C P is the sire to Boomerang C P, purchased from Lew Meibergen from Oklahoma, he was an exceptional animal at the age of 1 year old. He stood over all his competition and gave us great frame and horn base to all his offspring. He was sold to Ben Gravett and Mike Bowman who owned him till he passed away.

Boomerang CP - Reference Longhorn Bulls

Boomerang CP

DOB: 04/04/1998
You just can't say enough about Boomerang C P, he is one of the greatest sires ever born. Always out performing himself in his offspring. He produced over a $Million in offspring for Mike Bowman and others, and I am proud to still have his dam in my herd who still out performs herself. We have many Boomerang C P daughters and grand daughters. Horns measured on 5/06/2007 Tip to Tip-67"

Shalako Chex - Reference Longhorn Bulls

Shalako Chex

DOB: 01/21/2002
Another out performing sire, just look at his daughters, they have frame, milk, horn. Some on the web site to see is Shalako Can Dance C P, Shalako's Melo Melody C P (just check her horn out at 3years old), Shalako Tango C P, and Shalako Polka Dot C P. I would have kept more of them, but I was persuaded to let them go to new homes.

Hunts Emperors Destiny - Reference Longhorn Bulls

Hunts Emperors Destiny

DOB: 05/12/2003
15/16 Brother to Hunts Command Respect.
Leased from Justin Hansen for the 2008 breeding season.
Destiny has awesome horns and passes this traight onto his daughters.
He is a very good natured bull and is easy to handle.

Boomerang's Tierra C P 701 - Reference Longhorn Bulls

Boomerang's Tierra C P 701

DOB: 01/21/2007
Our Junior Herd Sire, World Class Champion of the 2008 National Youth Show, World Class Champion 2008 TLBAA World Show, and World Class Champion Total Horn 2008 TLBAA Horn Showcase. This is the BEST Boomerang CP son I've raised, great conformation, color and horn. Chris Burton from Decatur owns half interest in this great bull.
March 28,2008 39" ttt
July 14, 2008 45 1/8" ttt
March 24, 2009 49 1/4 ttt
66 1/2 total horn. Every year he is producing us great show stock. Thank you Mr. D.B. for your purchase of Tierra C P.

Magic Marker - Reference Longhorn Bulls

Magic Marker

DOB: 05/20/2007
Our Herd Sire, Magic has done a great job for CP Longhorns, we are keeping many of his daughters. If you are looking for conformation, horn, color give us a call on Magic Marker offspring. September 15, 2017 Magic had 79" tip to tip. Thank you to Semkin Longhorn's for buying half interest in Magic Marker.

TL Bulletproof - Reference Longhorn Bulls

TL Bulletproof

DOB: 09/24/2009
We are proud to have TL Bulletproof as the Senior Herd Sire in our herd for the spring 2019 breeding season. Thank you to the Tanner's for leasing him to us. Be sure to look for his offspring in 2020.

Boom Me Brindle C P - Reference Longhorn Bulls

Boom Me Brindle C P

DOB: 03/20/2010
Boom Me Brindle C P is one of the best bulls I raised, if you search him on the TLBAA's horns there is a half page of all his show winnings. We have a lot of nice heifer's and bull calves out of him. He now belong's in North Dokata to John Wesley Ray

Preacher - Reference Longhorn Bulls


DOB: 04/28/2011
He is Brindle as they come with a ton of base to his huge rack of horn, he is tall with a lot of frame and bone, and the most important he is gentle! He likes being around people and is easy to handle. He is what the doctor ordered for Magic Marker daughters and other beautiful females. 75" tip to tip on 02-15-17. Check out some of his daughters we retained in our herd, Sen Sen C P (who just sold in the Hudson Valentine 2018 Cowtown Sale), Lina C P, Be Melo C P, Spring The Preacher C P, Lady Preacher C P 516, Preacher's Katrina C P, Indian Preacher C P. All these cows are over a 1000lbs as mature animals, they are good milkers have big horn bases. Thank you to Grant & Faithe Permenter with Triple N Ranch Winery in Trinidad, TX for their herd of longhorns. You can see him and drink wine on their beautiful ranch.

Poncho Villa 1/6 - Reference Longhorn Bulls

Poncho Villa 1/6

DOB: 05/11/2016
A Sanddollar Alpine son that is very correct in conformation, a moderate size bull for your bigger cows, or young heifers. Thank you Scotty O'Bryan for taking this bull home.
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