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Ernie C P (steer) - Longhorn Steers

Ernie C P (steer)

DOB: 02/15/2011
Meet Ernie C P a 6 year old steer who is 93" tip to tip as of November 2016, Joe Tucker and family bought Ernie when he was just 7 months old, he is super gentle and even was the star attraction at Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas in 2017 at the RFD-TV booth. If you want large yard art call and we can get you started with a pet that can be the star of your parties.

Speckled Preacher C P - Longhorn Steers

Speckled Preacher C P

DOB: 12/13/2015
A beautiful steer that will catch everyone's eye, but he needs companions, he loves to be with the cows. He stays right with the herd and doesn't want to be left alone.

Wagyu Beef (Steer) - Longhorn Steers

Wagyu Beef (Steer)

DOB: 12/12/2017
My commercial herd are angus cows with wagyu bulls, here's a rare opportunity to know where your top end beef comes from. I hold back three of these calves a year from the ones that head to Imperial Wagyu Beef in Nebraska. We feed them close to 400 days here on the ranch and deliver them to the Bluebonnet processing plant in Trinton, Texas for you. You get the cuts you want, if your not sure I will help you. They are 1/2 wagyu for ultimate marbling in the steaks, Installment plan is available, must be paid by date they go to processing plant. Find a friend and split some great beef for the freezer. Whole animals, 1/2 a beef or 1/4 of a beef available.

Rainproof CP - Longhorn Steers

Rainproof CP

DOB: 01/09/2020
Need a Source calf? Come check out this flashy TL Bulletproof son. He's ready for you to take home and halter break.

TRKSuedeMirrorImageXTLRevolt - Longhorn Steers


DOB: 05/25/2020
TRK Suede's Mirror Image does it again. Lots of color will be a great trophy steer.

CTSaltyLillieXTLRevolt - Longhorn Steers


DOB: 01/26/2021
A January growthy Revolt son. If you like showing bulls come check these guys out.
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