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Shotgun Sally PLB - Longhorn Heifers

Shotgun Sally PLB

DOB: 09/24/2016
Co owned with Todd Williams, a great find at Hudson Valentines Cowtown Sale, we are excited to see what this big heifer will have for us. Exposed to TL Revolt. Thank you to Shelton Medlock of Gainesville, TX for purchasing one of the biggest horned two years old I had ever owned.

Discovery Tradition C P - Longhorn Heifers

Discovery Tradition C P

DOB: 10/15/2017
A gorgeous October Discovery heifer, by a great horned cow who is a Boomerang C P granddaughter. Fort Worth Stock show 2019 she placed 2nd out of 30 animals in her class in the youth, and 2nd in the open show, we are really proud of this heifer. AI'd to Buckshot on 04-02-19 then exposed to Poncho Villa 05-29-19.

Lady Discovery C P - Longhorn Heifers

Lady Discovery C P

DOB: 01/02/2018
A pretty light red heifer who's dam is doing a wonderful job milking. Took her and dam to Rodeo Austin show and Lady Preacher C P was grand champion with this one on side. Exposed to Poncho Villa.

Oh Baby Doll C P - Longhorn Heifers

Oh Baby Doll C P

DOB: 01/05/2018
A very growthy heifer who looks like she has a bright future. Has been started on a halter. Exposed to Sanddollar Cisco Kid.

Over Sweet C P - Longhorn Heifers

Over Sweet C P

DOB: 01/08/2018
A real flashy Overwhelmer daughter, flashy, tall, correct conformation. Exposed to Sanddollar Cisco Kid.

Discovery Magic Girl C P - Longhorn Heifers

Discovery Magic Girl C P

DOB: 01/20/2018
A beautiful dark red and white heifer, full sister to Discovery Cover Girl C P who won her class at Houston Livestock Show. Exposed to Sanddollar Cisco Kid.

Wines Edge CP - Longhorn Heifers

Wines Edge CP

DOB: 02/17/2018
A beautiful CT Cutting Edge daughter who is going to have some horn. Structurally correct with a lot of color. Exposed to Sanddollar Cisco Kid.

Boomerang Magic C P - Longhorn Heifers

Boomerang Magic C P

DOB: 03/01/2018
A beautiful Boomerang heifer by a great Magic Marker cow. She will be exciting to watch grow. Exposed to Sanddollar Cisco Kid.

R4 Cheese Cake - Longhorn Heifers

R4 Cheese Cake

DOB: 04/15/2018
A beautiful Roesler heifer, we are so glad to add her to our show string and look forward to breeding her to one of our bulls. Exposed to Poncho Villa.

Picabos Legacy 18 - Longhorn Heifers

Picabos Legacy 18

DOB: 04/30/2018
A beautiful Deb Lesyk heifer from Canada, she has brood cow written all over her. Exposed to Poncho Villa.

CL Just A Little Spicy - Longhorn Heifers

CL Just A Little Spicy

DOB: 05/16/2018
Here is our Source heifer purchased at the 2018 Source Sale from James Culpepper, co-owned with Amy Browder we are super excited about her. Fort Worth Stock Show Open show Junior Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Female. 2019 TLBAA World Class Champion Free division

Discovery Dot C P - Longhorn Heifers

Discovery Dot C P

DOB: 05/18/2018
A really nice heifer out of one of our most gentle cows, with really cool colors

R4 Clear Sky - Longhorn Heifers

R4 Clear Sky

DOB: 06/03/2018
A pretty heifer who has conformation and horn in her background.

Discovery Jada C P - Longhorn Heifers

Discovery Jada C P

DOB: 06/20/2018
A flashy colored, structurally correct female, by a winner herself. Her half sister was Junior Champion Female at the 2018 autobahn. Thank you to the Sharer's family for purchasing this great heifer. 2019 Reserve Junior Female Open Halter show.

Over Destiny C P - Longhorn Heifers

Over Destiny C P

DOB: 08/12/2018
A beautiful Overwhelmer granddaughter who's mother is halter broke and super gentle. Has been started on a halter.

Discovery Doll C P - Longhorn Heifers

Discovery Doll C P

DOB: 11/15/2018
A beautiful fall heifer out of a very gentle cow, she has greats such as Boomerang C P, Jet Jockey, Overwhelmer in her pedigree, her sire has produced greats for us and others.

Discovery Elvira CP - Longhorn Heifers

Discovery Elvira CP

DOB: 11/18/2018
This is a going to be a great show calf, structurally correct, flashy color and a great dam that had her own show career. Check her pedigree out its stout.

Discovery Melody CP - Longhorn Heifers

Discovery Melody CP

DOB: 12/10/2018
A very nice Discovery daughter who has a big horned big body cow for a dam. Check her pedigree out.

Discovery Franki CP - Longhorn Heifers

Discovery Franki CP

DOB: 12/17/2018
Her full sister have been great, and she will be a great show calf, conformation, color, and style she has it. Currently being shown be Bayli Johnson (aka also known as Precious).

White Lash Tenbar - Longhorn Heifers

White Lash Tenbar

DOB: 12/18/2018
A beautiful tri-color heifer who came out of the Tenbar ranch, she is somewhat halter broke she already been shown. She has some big horned animals in her bloodline.

High Class CP - Longhorn Heifers

High Class CP

DOB: 01/02/2019
Working with Sanddollar Ranch, we have 3 exciting calves, that will be full brothers and sisters to proven winners on the show circuit and proven producers, to be born in January. One heifer and one bull calf on January 7 and another bull on January 17. We are excited about this heifer structurally correct from the get go. Thank you Texas Four Bar R Ranch for your purchase of this wonderful heifer.

Discovery Suede Mirror C P - Longhorn Heifers

Discovery Suede Mirror C P

DOB: 01/03/2019
All but one of Discovery calfs out of TRK Suede's Mirror has been on the show circuit, she produces color and conformation. Thank you to Chad Lindt for there purchase of this beautiful heifer.

Discovery Sweet Girl CP - Longhorn Heifers

Discovery Sweet Girl CP

DOB: 01/04/2019
I love her full sister's Discovery Cover Girl CP and Discovery Magic Girl CP her dam is a daughter of Indian Girl 636 who was Boomerang CP dam. I love this pedigree and you can see a lot of it in my herd. They are winners. Thank you to the Sharer's family for another great purchase, I can't wait to see her shown.

Raindrop CP - Longhorn Heifers

Raindrop CP

DOB: 01/14/2019
Very flashy dark red heifer who has greats in her pedigree from Cindy Dennis' and Joe Tucker's herd Thank you to the Warminski family for there purchase of Raindrop.

Kid Emily CP - Longhorn Heifers

Kid Emily CP

DOB: 01/23/2019
A nice Cisco Kid heifer with a lot of spring of rib.

Lady Boom Boom CP - Longhorn Heifers

Lady Boom Boom CP

DOB: 02/13/2019
I am so excited about this flashy girl, a Boomerang CP daughter, with a great dam.

Neon Discovery CP - Longhorn Heifers

Neon Discovery CP

DOB: 03/03/2019
A first of March Discovery heifer, has deep dark red color like her dam, she looks great for 2 days old in the picture. Thank you to the Tronzano family for coming early and picking out a winner.

Discover My Heart CP - Longhorn Heifers

Discover My Heart CP

DOB: 03/04/2019
A flashy March heifer, picture taken day she was born will be excited to see how this one turns out.

Discovery X Becca - Longhorn Heifers

Discovery X Becca

DOB: 04/03/2019
A pretty Discovery heifer that needs to be shown.

Discovery Jo Jo CP - Longhorn Heifers

Discovery Jo Jo CP

DOB: 04/20/2019
A beautiful heifer, by a known producer, her full sister's have won Houston and many other shows. Thank you to the Warminki family for there purchase of Jo Jo.

Discovery X Revolt - Longhorn Heifers

Discovery X Revolt

DOB: 04/22/2019
We are very excited to start these matings between Sanddollar Discovery daughters to TL Revolt. This is our first heifer from TL Revolt, she is structurally correct and colorful, and full of spunk. She will be fun to watch as she grows up.

Discovery Lillie CP - Longhorn Heifers

Discovery Lillie CP

DOB: 05/03/2019
You just have to love this pedigree, Discovery, Saltgrass, and Dixie Top Deck. All of Lillies calves had sold for show calves. This heifer should be no exception, come look at her at the ranch and you'll fall in love with her.

TL Jada X Sanddollar Discovery - Longhorn Heifers

TL Jada X Sanddollar Discovery

DOB: 05/06/2019
Her sister's include Discovery Jada CP owned by the Sharer's, Jada Time CP owned by the Hammock's who was Junior Champion 2018 Autobahn, then Jada Haven CP was is a producer I have no doubt this little girl will be like her sisters a champion.

Lukes Lina CP - Longhorn Heifers

Lukes Lina CP

DOB: 05/28/2019
A beautiful Discovery heifer by a Preacher daughter. Lina CP has turned into a great cow. Thank you to the Warminski family for there purchase of Luke's Lina I think they will do great with her.
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