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Sanddollar Discovery - Longhorn Bulls

Sanddollar Discovery

DOB: 06/21/2013
Discovery's perfect conformation and rich dark red color can only compliment the females he is with. We have Discovery show calves on the ground, they are proving themselves in the show ring to be very competitive. Co-Owned with Haywire Cattle Co. Scotty & Alessa O'Bryan Grandview, TX

Bulluchi - Longhorn Bulls


DOB: 04/08/2015
His pedigree has Drag Iron, Win Win, WS Jamakizm, Winchester, Shadowizm and many other famous bulls and females he is already expressing that he will be a horn bull, he will just have conformation to go with it. If your serious about horn, conformation, and color contact me about purchasing this great bull.

Sanddollar Cisco Kid - Longhorn Bulls

Sanddollar Cisco Kid

DOB: 05/12/2016
We are glad to have Cisco back in the herd, he knocked it out of the ball park with his first season calves, one being a heifer Amy Bowers and I bought in the 2018 Source Sale CL Just A Little Spicy who was Reserve Grand Champion at Fort Worth Stock Show. Co-Owned with John Juarez Sanger, TX.

T L Revolt - Longhorn Bulls

T L Revolt

DOB: 10/10/2016
Thank you Beth Tanner for selling half interest in Revolt to me. We are so excited about the bone and size of this dude. He is a great outcross of bloodlines for my cows.

DH Rowdy Romeo - Longhorn Bulls

DH Rowdy Romeo

DOB: 03/10/2018
This is a bull for horn enthusiast, who will not compromise in structural correctness. He has just turned two in this picture and can't wait to see what he has to offer to us.

High Redemption CP - Longhorn Bulls

High Redemption CP

DOB: 01/01/2019
Thank you to Sanddollar Ranch for the opportunity to work with them to produce this great bull. Currently on the show circuit, he is proving himself to be one of the top to beat. So far in the 19-20 show year, Reserve Junior Champion State Fair of Texas, Grand Champion youth Holiday Extravaganza, Reserve Grand Champion Holiday Extravaganza, Reserve Grand Champion Houston Livestock Show. We will collect him this fall.

High Noon Boom CP - Longhorn Bulls

High Noon Boom CP

DOB: 03/02/2020
A big boned structurally correct bull calf with some greats in his pedigree, not only will he show but he will be one that will be a herd improving bull. Thank you to the Sharer's for purchasing 1/2 interest in this bull calf. Can't wait to see him on the show circuit.

Balboa CP - Longhorn Bulls

Balboa CP

DOB: 04/08/2020
CT Sydney has raised some incredible bulls, from CT Red Raider Cindy Dennis owned to Texas Rooster CP the Hammocks coming herd sire who's babies are incredible. I have no doubt that Balboa will be a great Herd sire too.

Monopoly CP - Longhorn Bulls

Monopoly CP

DOB: 05/21/2020
A half brother to Dominion CP, should be a big boy when grown. Thanks to Kris Petit for his purchase of this guy.

DiscoveryElviraXCiscoKid - Longhorn Bulls


DOB: 01/23/2021
Blending Cisco with Discovery, you get a cool looking calf. Lots of width across the back, and length hooks to pens. Come check him and others out at the ranch.

CTSaltyLillieXTLRevolt - Longhorn Bulls


DOB: 01/26/2021
A January growthy Revolt son. If you like showing bulls come check these guys out.

CT Raindrop X TL Revolt - Longhorn Bulls

CT Raindrop X TL Revolt

DOB: 01/29/2021
Here's a growthy bull calf that's a Saltgrass grandson.

Discovery Juno CP X TL Revolt - Longhorn Bulls

Discovery Juno CP X TL Revolt

DOB: 02/10/2021
A big thick show bull calf lots of muscle lots of bone. Thank you to the Sabio family for snatching him up.

PreachToRexxieCP X CiscoKid - Longhorn Bulls

PreachToRexxieCP X CiscoKid

DOB: 02/22/2021
Here's a really cool Cisco Kid bull calf by a cow who produces big growthy calves. Has lots of color to boot.

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